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jules ★ he/they
boyflux ★ gemini
20yrs ★ may 22

heyo! im jules! im an artist looking to obtain a bigger audience!! im rly into drawing and designing pretty alt boys! my interests include bnha, sanrio, and monster high! my fav bands are Palaye Royale, Waterparks, Gorillaz!
please read my TOS and commission info if you plan to commission me!

Terms of Service

  • Payment must be received before i start the commission, unless agreed otherwise.

  • I reserve the right to deny a commission if i feel i cannot fulfill it or if i am not comfortable with it.

  • i do not do refunds after ive started to work on a commission unless i am unable to fulfill.

  • I only work off of unshaded digital references. Please do not give descriptions, you will be denied.

  • Always feel free to inquire about WIPs.

  • I work in order of when i received commissions. Your commission will be added to the bottom of the queue.

  • Please do not repost anywhere without permission and proper credit. All my links are on the home menu.

Can Do:

-Mild Gore
-Mild NSFW/Suggestive

Cannot Do:

-Extreme Complexity
-Extreme Gore
-Extreme NSFW (unless offered)

Designs Terms of Service

  • The first time you draw the character, please credit me! Its not necessary any time after that but if you want to feel free.

  • Please do not send me payment until i ask, regardless of if you know my paypal or not.

  • If you plan to resell the character, please do not sell it for more than you bought it for. (unless it has extra art).

  • Dont post anywhere without proper credit.

  • Please don't reference my designs.

  • Trading my designs is okay, so long as you tell me who you're trading to.

  • Feel free to change the design up a bit, but please keep it recognizable.

  • You may use the characters for whatever you please. roleplays, stories, drawings etc.

  • Co-owning is fine if both parties are in agreement. Please don't drag me into your disputes.

  • Please dont use my designs for commercial purposes unless you have explicit permission.

  • Breaking my rules repetitively will result in temporary or permanent blacklist.

  • please credit my toyhouse (toyhou.se/demonfvcker) if you plan to post it there.

Commission Prices

Commission Form:

character ref: (digital only)
commission type: (bust shot, full body, etc.)
pose idea/expression: (optional)
background: (outline, shape, pattern)
notes: (required things, personality, etc)
payment method: (paypal / cashapp / venmo)

Simple Styled Headshot

$15 usd


$40 usd


$55 usd


$80 usd


$100 usd

Sketch/Lines Only

50% off original price


Custom Form:

custom type:
gender: (or masc/fem/androgynous)
clothes: (optional)
color palette:
moodboard/aesthetic: (optional)
important notes: (must haves on design)
payment method: (paypal/venmo)

Lean Base Custom

(base by starstickers)

$35-$65 (depends on complexity)

Monster Base Custom

(base by WitchNessArt)

$35-$65 (depends on complexity)

(no finished examples atm)

Hand-Drawn Base Custom

(base by demonfvcker; me)

$70-$100 (depends on complexity)

Discord Tag:

cock slinging slasher#0666pls giv me a heads up on a diff social media platform before friend requesting me pls! recieving random friend requests when i dont hav a headups on who you are makes me anxious!!